Reduce the Risk to Your Home

Our fire departments will take every precaution to help protect people and property, however "the most important person in protecting a house from wildfire is not a firefighter, but the property owner." -Aspen Fire Protection District

A home ablaze during the Marshall Fire in Louisville, Colorado


Free Home Wildfire Assessments

Hundreds of homes are lost to wildfire each year. However, studies show up to 80% of those homes could have been saved if their owners had followed a few simple fire-safe practices. 

Wondering what you can do to better protect your home? We encourage you to sign up for a free wildfire mitigation assessment from your fire district where trained professionals can inspect your property and identify vulnerabilities. With a thorough assessment and proper mitigation efforts, your home’s chances of wildfire survival increase dramatically. 

To sign up for a home assessment, complete this form OR call your local fire district directly:


Many residents are surprised to know that there's quite a lot you can do to help your home withstand a wildfire. The links below include best practices for helping your home withstand a blaze. To talk to someone about your property, contact your local fire district (see links above).


Consider serving as a Neighborhood Wildfire and Emergency Ambassador and mobilize your community to engage in wildfire safety and preparedness activities.  You and your neighbors will be connected with trusted wildfire education, partners, assistance with mitigation projects, and more. 

As an Ambassador, you will be your neighborhood's point of contact for local firefighting entities and emergency managers. You will need to have a willingness to do outreach in your neighborhood and an ability to work with others. You do not need to be an expert in wildfire, law enforcement, or firefighting. You just need to be passionate about protecting your neighborhood from wildfire.


Are you planning to take reduce brush, branches, or small trees on your property or in your neighborhood next summer? If so, we can help you create defensible space by providing free chipping and disposal for brush, branches, and small (<6 in. diameter) trees. Summer 2023 neighborhood programs have already been scheduled. Please check back here in early 2024 for information about opportunities to be scheduled from May through October 2024.

COST-SHARE INCENTIVE PROGRAMS (currently available only to Glenwood and Eagle County residents)

Glenwood Springs program

The Glenwood Springs Fire Department currently offers matching funding up to $1,500 for residents who engage in approved mitigation efforts. To learn more, contact the Glenwood Springs Fire Department at 970.384.6480

Eagle County program

Eagle County offers funding to support mitigation efforts by homeowners and collective groups of private landowners (including HOAs). If you live on the Eagle side of the Roaring Fork Valley (e.g., El Jebel, Willits, Basalt, Reudi, eastern areas of Missouri Heights), you may be eligible for cost-share incentive funding. Eagle County funds three types of projects: Defensible Space, Home Ignition Zone Hazard Reduction, and Landscape-Scale Projects and Community Chipping Programs. Projects will be reviewed individually to determine cost-share funding amounts, which are capped at $1,000 (for Individual Defensible Space and Home Ignition Zone projects) and $7,500 (for landscape/community-scale projects). To apply, complete this form.