Prepare for an Emergency

The best time to prepare is BEFORE an emergency. 

How would you know if a wildfire approaches in the middle of the night? Will you and your family be ready to leave with a moment's notice? The more prepared you are, the more effectively we can protect you and your homes if a wildland fire threatens your neighborhood.

Sign up for Emergency Alerts

Each county has their own notification system that enables local officials to quickly provide you with information about emergencies and community news, such as severe weather, road closures, missing persons, and evacuations. Choose your county below and then follow prompts to select which alerts you would like to receive by text message, phone call, email, and/or hearing-impaired receiving devices.

Plan Ahead for Evacuation

The more prepared you are, the more effectively the our local fire departments can protect people and property if a wildland fire threatens. Click the link below for tips from the Aspen Fire team to help you better understand and prepare for a wildfire-related evacuation.